Entry #1


2007-07-19 11:35:48 by AutobotLock

Alright, I can see that some people may frequent here a lot and this is a kind of blessing, but wasn't the tiny profile we used to have enough? I mean, this Web 2.0 thing (the glorified name of sticking fucking widgets everywhere) is kind of getting out of hand. Also it tookway to long to just log in on the front page.

But I may as well surrender, what with me being b& for a week or two from LL.com. As this is the first (who knows, I could do more of these.... why, I don't know) post thingie-muh-bob, i'll give you some basics.

I be Autobot Lock, and was way before the movie was even announced. I'm a member of the Lock Legion, the bastard transvestite son of the Clock Crew. We had a small hitch a year back (entire server went kablooie) but we returned a month or two ago. This gave me a reason not to pour every second of free time into World of Warcraft, so I crawled back. I'd been a member there since late 2005, so it wasn't like I wasn't known there or anything. I made a few movies, scrapped most of them, finally added one to NG a while ago. I'll admit, i'm not artistic at all, Flash helps you with that (I avoid the brush tool like the plague) but it's the best I can do without basically tracing a image, which I really don't like doing.

RIght, let's see, I have a Sheezy (http://kristobal.sheezyart.com/) which has signitures and other shite I make to use on LL.com. I also have... erm.... well that's it, but i'll think of more sites to shove here at one point. I'm also testing how NG scales it's pictures, so here's Alucard Lock, a Work in Progress. Happy blogging, MySpace whores!



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2007-07-19 12:10:30

I think you're over-reacting, a blog is just a blog, a commonplace feature these days.

There's blogs, and then there's myspace with fucking music and shitty backgrounds, and idiotic friends littering the place.


2007-07-19 12:29:35

That lock looks almost exactly like Ska Lock, back from years ago.
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /257511


2007-07-19 12:50:54


AutobotLock responds:

Of steel


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