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Arrgh Idol Arrgh Idol

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Git durn it I hate how you've improved SO MUCH. S'not fair.

DecepticonClock's Day DecepticonClock's Day

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Hahaha, oh wow

I love how it took me two years to find this. Thanks Google!

LL - Vocal Shorts 2 LL - Vocal Shorts 2

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Oh shit

I'm in this

Bad Hare Day Bad Hare Day

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A well done piece of work

I was surprised (one due to there being no preview image, you'll lose rating for that kind of thing). A well done piece with a small amount of lag, which effected the sound slightly. Overall I liked it, you should finish this :)

Koalaclock's 2008 movie Koalaclock's 2008 movie

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Fuck yeah

Best one today (at the moment anyway)

: Cow-mouflage : : Cow-mouflage :

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This one is just embarrasing. It's this kind of thing that makes people who usually have the skill of a brick when it comes to drawing think "hey, if illwillpress can trace backgrounds and use the least amount of original art possible, so can I!". This obviously leads to utter shit flooding the portal because these people believe that this type of thing is a standard in flash. Far from it.

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Movin' Movin'

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm suprised with this one

This is one of my least favorite credits sequence out of the few billion they've used on Bleach, yet you made it... well, enjoyable. It may be the inner-weeaboo talking, but I was quite pleased with this. Also i'm guessing using only half the screen for most of the time means you'll actually use this for a credits sequence in a flash of yours or you just wanted it to be -really- authentic.

Oh, and come to the Clock Crew. We're bored lately.

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Madness Neurosis Collab 3 Madness Neurosis Collab 3

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Not in my books Front Page material...

Obviously you're not going for originality, so i'm not commenting on that. It is a tribute collab after all.

But this is where my main problem with this (other than it being on the front page, sorry) resides. I've seen many a Madness flash, some create their own from scratch and including quite frankly stunning effects, and some go for using the original models, that's OK, as long as they blend it with everything else they're doing. Backgrounds, animation, even sound need to be right for the little Madness dudes. It was quite obvious in most of these parts that the actual artists art (ranging from crude "Paint Tool" words which in no way look like "Graffiti" on the wall to shitty looking blimps) and the Krinkles models just didn't fit. More effort was needed in the actual looks of the parts than the actual "action", and even that was choppy at most times.

I can't give this a high rating, it goes against every fibre of my being. This in no way deserves a front page or a daily feature.

Protip: Constructive criticism isn't flaming.

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Littleluckylink responds:

For fucks sake, the reviews back there weren't constructive, they were flaming.
God fucking damn.
And that's great that it isn't in your book whoopdefucking doo.

if cut he'll never paint if cut he'll never paint

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Quite stunning


A SeedClock Christmas A SeedClock Christmas

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The use of moving things was a sublime touch